The ONLY Pop-Up Museum Dedicated to Your Favorite Cheat Meals...

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RUBI RYMENMY HAD A DREAM: To make cheat day, or every health and fitness fan’s favorite day, an unforgettable experience.

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Imagine a donut gym complete with pastry dumbbells, or a life- size bowl of cereal where you can get that perfect insta shot.

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In L.A. For Only a Month! October 1st-31st! General Admission $38, children 4 and under, FREE.

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What is a Cheat Meal?

The “cheat meal” concept has long been a popular way to help health aficionados, bodybuilders, or anybody trying to stay fit stick to their diet. Over time, the idea of dedicating one day of the week to some fun binging turned into something that goes well beyond fitness, and stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started to treat cheat day as a true celebration.

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The rooms

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