The ONLY Pop-Up Dedicated to Your Favorite Cheat Meals...

Cheating Has Never Been So Fun


Cheat Day Land is the celebration of food and experience. An Immersive pop-up museum. An experience lending its energy to the idea of treating yourself with a cheat day; because you deserve it. Your cheat day begins October 1, 2018


Join Us


Lock in your cheat day with us, we are an immersive pop up museum we will only be around for 1 month. We are located in the arts district of Downtown LA. You deserve to have your Cheat Day now, not later.




We are happy to partner with The Mayfair Hotel Los Angeles and Eve American Bistro. Guests will be able to book hotel rooms at a 20% discount using CDL20.


The Experience


17 fully immersive experiences for you to take part in. A journey through space and time with the vehicle being your favorite cheat day meals!


Donut Sweat It

You won’t think twice about giving “ten more reps” with these deliciously delectable donut weights (just don’t try to eat them). Want to see more? You are going to have to JOIN US.