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In 2017, Creative Director Rubi Rymenmy traveled to Japan where she experienced her first interactive pop-up museum. Inspired by the creativity and innovation of immersion art, she returned to Los Angeles pondering on the idea of why she couldn’t create her own pop-up museum. Together with her three brothers, all ranging from an artistic background in visual, graphics, and illustration art, and her sister the legal savvy one they gave life from the ground up to Cheat Day Land. The empowerment of their life experience drove them to conquer the dream of becoming the first Latinos to open up a pop-up museum. Given their fitness background, the concept of Cheat Day Land was birthed from the infamous “cheat day” in the fitness world. Rubi and her sister Yolanda began to conceptualize the business model, while her three brothers began designing and creating the concepts for each room of the museum. Their vision extends out further than the artistic endeavor of the museum, as it also serves as a platform to inspire others facing similar challenges to dream big and work hard to create the world they envision for themselves and others. Rubi, coming from a family oriented background, imagined a space where adults could awaken their inner child in this family-oriented environment.

The museum is their greatest contribution to the community; artistically and inspirationally they have sought out to create an international brand and experience surpassing all odds. Driven by determination and fierce dreams they want to touch people from around the globe and create a space where people can experience art past the visual eye and truly connect with the artistic display.


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Lock in your cheat day with us at our new location!! We are located in the Irvine Spectrum Center. You deserve to have your ChEAT Day now, not later.

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